Care Instructions

Operating Temperatures:

From -40°C to 232°C Suitable for use in the fridge/freezer/esky, microwave, steaming, boiling, sous vide, oven, and dishwasher safe.

Care & Use:

Wash the silicone bags in the dishwasher or with mild soap and warm water before use.

Do not exceed the stated temperatures.

Do not turn upside down and squeeze when storing liquids. Excessive pressure will open the bags.

The volume levels are marked on the silicone bags. The bag will expand when liquid is poured in. Do not exceed the MAX level mark.

Pure silicone products are untreated and slight staining will occur. We recommend placing in direct sunlight for 24 hours to remove any staining alternatively you can soak in a water, bi-carb & vinegar solution.

Dry bags upside down open on a drying rack.