Is food grade silicone safe?

Yes, Food grade silicone is BPA free and non-toxic. 

How do I clean my bags?

Your bags are safe to go straight into the dishwasher. Otherwise, a small amount of soapy water and a shake and a rinse is enough to get it clean.

My bags have food stains what should I do?

Place your bags outside in direct sunlight and it will remove most if not all of the staining. Sounds like magic I know, but it works! Soaking in Bi-Carb soda and vinegar is another option.

Can I cook in my bags?

Yes, Pūmi silicone bags are suitable for -40°C to 232°C so you can sous vide, microwave, boil & bake in them.

Will my bags prevent freezer burn when I'm freezing foods?

Yes, because the bags are air tight you can press out excess air and seal preventing moisture from escaping which is the cause of freezer burn.